Invisible Collector

A receivables relationship agent that puts creditors and debtors on the same page, while providing real-time performance analytics and predictive cash-flows. It includes omni channel (Email, SMS, Voice Call...) interaction and customer feedback recollection.


Integrated communication SaaS that allows corporate users to send massive SMS and Voice campaigns. Its features include subuser management, database rentals, white label instances and HTTPS API for IT experts. It is fully compatible with GDPR regulation.


  • Nádia Pimenta

    Marketing Manager

    Although the service is excellent, what stands out most in this company is the human factor. If, for some reason, there is a need for an urgent response, it comes immediately. There is authentic partnership and empathy, and that is very beneficial!

  • Sérgio Antunes

    General Manager

    It is not every day that we come across a company that presents itself as a potential customer and becomes one of the most relevant strategic partners of our organization.

  • Nuno Lopes

    BDM @ Adclick

    Easy, Agile, GOOD!
    The relationship went from customer to supplier, from partners to friends :)
    The service is fast and efficient, with delivery capacity and competitive price. I have only good things to say and it's a pleasure to follow the constant growth closely.


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