Invisible Collector

A receivables relationship agent that puts creditors and debtors on the same page, while providing real-time performance analytics and predictive cash-flows. It includes omni channel (Email, SMS, Voice Call...) interaction and customer feedback recollection.


Integrated communication SaaS that allows corporate users to send massive SMS and Voice campaigns. Its features include sub user management, validation of mobile numbers and https API for IT experts. It is fully compatible with GDPR regulation.

Database Renting

In a global world, it is absolutely necessary to be the first when the need arises to communicate or address the market. This is the reason we rent to our customers qualified and regulated databases in accordance with the legislation in force (GDRP) searchable by age, gender, location and interests in order to perform SMS, Voice or Email campaigns.

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Multi Disciplined & Full of Talent

Pedro Mendes

Pedro Mendes

Master’s Degree in informatics by FEUP (Porto University) with over 10 years of professional experience in which he had the chance to co-found 3 startups, being some still active, in the IT sector.

João Madureira

João Madureira

Master’s degree in informatics by FEUP (Porto University), with over 14 years of professional experience in multinational companies such as Altice Portugal (formerly known as Portugal Telecom), Nokia Siemens or BLIP.

Miguel Rangel

Miguel Rangel

With a graduate degree in economics and a master’s degree in management by Universidad Carlos III Madrid, he has over 15 years of professional experience in the finance sector, being the first years in investment banking and the later in the credit insurance sector.


  • Nádia Pimenta

    Marketing Manager

    Embora o serviço seja de excelência, o que mais se destaca nesta empresa é o fator humano. Se, por algum motivo, há necessidade de uma resposta urgente, esta surge imediatamente. Há uma autêntica parceria e empatia, e isso é muito benéfico!

  • Pedro Meiréles

    IT Manager
    A Invisiblecloud tem demonstrado a capacidade de apresentar soluções inovadoras, escaláveis e fiáveis, que têm respondido às necessidades de comunicação do Hospital de Santa Maria – Porto. Trata-se claramente de um parceiro de confiança.
  • Ilda Fernandes


    Neste tipo de negócios onde precisamos de comunicar com os clientes muito rapidamente, e o vosso apoio tem sido crucial.É fundamental termos um parceiro em quem podemos confiar e com o qual podemos contar em situações de emergência. Tem sido um prazer trabalhar com a Invisible Cloud. Muitas felicidades para toda a vossa equipa.


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